• Is TMI Sales the lowest cost shipper?
  • TMI Sales is your outsourced traffic department or an extension thereof.  We want to be the best service provider in our industry, and to do so at competitive and fair price levels.  Our pricing is very competitive with respect to our accountability for transporting your cargo from shipper to receiver, while ensuring the logistics of transport and delivery, the FMSCA safety requirements of the carriers we use, and constant communication of information between all parties.   In many cases our costs are lower because of the research, volume, and years of expertise in transportation logistics, while in other cases the miniscule difference in price affords us the ability to employ the team that looks after all of the minor details that often amount to major costs.  We do literally dozens of things every day to eliminate the hidden costs of shipping – these include verifying the insurance coverage and safety records of every carrier we work with, avoiding accessorial fees by verifying every aspect of the pick-up and drop-off facilities, ensuring proper paperwork and classifications on each shipment, and spotting potential delays early to minimize the impact to the client’s business.  And in most cases we can provide this incredible level of service for the same cost or less than our clients could get directly with carriers.

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