Are you ready for some Football?

9th December 2014
It’s not too often that a nationally televised professional football game is cancelled. And winning is everything…right? One of our clients scheduled a promotion to hand out 86,000 flags to their fans on game day. Approximately 2 weeks prior to the game our client placed an order, manufactured in China, with a production lead time of 8 to 10 days. TMI’s response was, “Sign us up!”. While everyone was biting their nails we were setting our people in Shanghai, New York, and many other places in between to ensure the shipment paperwork was perfect and every expedited option was being utilized. TMI picked up the cargo, 343 cartons 4221 kgs, on Sunday and 4 days later, the flags were delivered clear to our client’s stadium. We ended up delivering the Hail Mary 1 day early scoring a touchdown followed-up with a flawless 2-point conversion!

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