The TMI Sales Value Proposition

TMI Sales is your outsourced traffic department for managing all aspects of your freight movement.   Whether inbound, outbound, or inter-facility transfers, leveraging all of TMI Sales’ services affords companies the luxury of achieving best practices in transportation management without the day to day requirement of managing the entire process in-house.  Even better, when the process is managed with integrity and excellence, it can be completely self-funded, since significant improvements in transit times, reliability, and predictability can be achieved.

TMI Sales is your one-call resource for checking into peak season markets, supply and demand of equipment, volatile fuel costs, and the ever-changing conditions that can have a surprising effect on your bottom line if you are not aware.  Having an extra layer of expertise and proactive management on every shipment gives our clients the comfort of knowing that we’ve got it, we’re watching out for you, and we will keep you well informed.

We work directly with your vendors, destinations, shipping departments, and personnel to research and establish the most effective shipping methods, and then create standardized procedures for every shipment to ensure that we have the right solution each time.  Our levels of research and experience allow us to find and present the best solutions for your company on  every shipment.

Regardless of the project, the challenge or the requirements, TMI can provide the service and the system for any shipping and delivery requirement you have.

How do we actually do that?

As our client, you simply hand off your shipment’s specifics—origination, destination, number of pallets with dimensions and contents—to one of the TMI Sales operations staff, and we handle everything from there.  We will find a qualified and reliable carrier from over 500 in our vetted network, schedule the pick-up, create and transmit all necessary documentation, set the delivery appointment, verify the facilities and personnel availability on both ends, and then track and update the shipment every day until we confirm final delivery.

What else does TMI Sales give our clients?

In addition to giving you and your staff more time to do your regular jobs by taking all of the hassle and busy-work associated with your shipping needs, TMI Sales knows that your business needs more than just great service on every shipment.

> Data – we can provide historical and real-time reporting to help you understand your shipping expenditures and patterns to identify opportunities and assist your accountants.

> Transparency – with your client login to our on line portal you can see the status of all current shipments, all past invoices and proof of delivery documents, and more.

> Analysis – as we get to know your business we look for trends and challenges so that we can make recommendations to improve your supply chain efficiencies and expenditures. As your Freight Management Partner it is our job to be vigilant about how to help your business – be it through consolidation, lane management, investigating rail, pre-ordering seasonal capacity, or a whole host of other options.

> Know-how – as your business grows and changes so do your shipping needs.  TMI Sales is with you as a partner to provide expertise and assistance every time a new situation arises.  Need to move a new class of freight or find a new type of equipment?  Need to make a one-time purchase of some critical machinery and don’t know how best to get it to your shop floor?  Need to import some materials or ship to Canada?  Whether these are one-time events or new lines of business, TMI Sales is there to handle whatever comes up.

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