Importation from China

As U.S. companies continue to source manufacturing in China, it is important that they involve trusted transportation partners that understand the regulations, requirements, and procedures, and that know how to work within the complex parameters to provide reliable delivery without delays.  At TMI Sales we understand that not only are there many regulations to navigate, but ever-changing issues from capacity to the economic and political climates can present unexpected inconsistencies and difficulties in the importation of goods.

TMI Sales works as a liaison between all parties in the import cycle and ensures communication among all of the players in an effort to avoid delays.  When you are selecting a Chinese manufacturing partner, the focus should be on the technology, quality, and reliability of the factory product.  TMI Sales can bring that same focus and dependability to the subsequent import process, regardless of how much transportation savvy your manufacturing partners may have.

Our goal is to bring the proper communication of information to bear to both simplify and demystify the process of imports.  We will hand hold your important shipments from China to any destination within the US or Canada, and deliver critical and timely information to your team every step of the way.

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