Traffic Department Consulting Services

Finding the right balance between an outsourced freight management team and an internal traffic department is a critical decision that each business must make.  Even more importantly, the needs and conditions of the business will change over time, and the management of traffic services must change and evolve too or they become a competitive liability.  Regularly evaluating vendors, historical rates and invoices, the frequency of accessorial fees, shipment lanes and timing, and the use of technologies in your shipping operations are all critical exercises for long term success.

While TMI Sales can provide a full-service outsourced solution, we are also happy to work with any business that wants help in diagnosing and solving the challenges inherent in managing their own traffic functions.  We provide fee-based consulting services built on clearly defined scope statements and with very clear deliverables.  This allows your team to benefit from our more than 50 years in the industry, without having to worry that we are really just trying to sell you on our own services.

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