Difficult Conditions and Constraints

Very often the shipments that are the hardest to manage are not the ones that just have to be there the fastest.  Instead, the shipments that end up taking way too much of your time and costing way more than you expected, are the ones that have unique constraints due to what is being shipped, or exactly where or when it must be delivered.  This is where the dreaded “accessorial fees” raise their heads and can take unexpected bites out of your budget.

TMI Sales has been managing these challenging shipments for years.  We ask every necessary question and manage every detail with focus and precision to ensure that the exact requirements are understood and met every time.  Need a shipment delivered to a spot between “that big rock” and “that old tree” in the park?  We can do that.  Need something to arrive within a specific 30 minute window? We’ve done that too.  Need to be sure that exact loading and unloading directions are understood and followed by every person in the chain of custody?   We can manage that for you.  Whether these challenges are unusual for your business or are the norm for your shipments, we can help make every shipment a success.

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