Less Than Truckload (LTL)

We understand the difference  between truckload and less than truckload – a difference based on classification, sizes, weights, distance, and transit requirements.  Our quick analysis of your shipment and the particulars regarding size and delivery requirements will determine whether true classified LTL is the best option for movement of your shipment or shipments.

TMI Sales can help you manage the many variations in LTL configurations – whether it be arranging consolidations, expertise in  classifications and regional carrier usage, zone skipping opportunities, or volume shipping.   Our responsibility is to help you understand your options, optimize your shipment volumes, and review and evaluate your weekly trends in an effort to suggest and execute the most optimal method of handling your LTL shipments.

LTL shipments are not just one-size-fits-all programmed routings – they are important orders that probably make up the majority of shipments to your client base.  As such these orders can not be taken lightly.   Both your bottom line and your customer satisfaction are adversely impacted if your LTL shipments are not properly managed for both cost effectiveness and proper delivery conditions and capabilities.

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