Shipments in or between the United States and Canada

TMI Sales has extensive coverage both within Canada, and between Canada and the United States.  The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) continues to open the door of opportunity between our countries.   TMI Sales works with all of the necessary resources to help you facilitate your trans-border distribution, purchasing, or inter-company transfers.    We understand and can assist with the paperwork requirements and ensure that the necessary documentation is provided on every shipment to avoid frustrating and costly delays at the border.

Our partners and associates stretch from Western to Eastern Canada and can provide in bond transit for arriving overseas imports requiring distribution to both regions. This provides a one-time/one-country customs clearance and  can in some cases lower the duty rates in Canada.

Our constant presence and experience in these two markets continues to expand our expertise, and allows us to offer further resources in helping our clients grow and expanding their reach.

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