TMI Sales has worked very hard throughout our history to build a tremendous reputation with carriers based on our approach to this critical partnership.   We know that a carrier’s performance can leave a lasting impression with our client, their clients, and other associates in the supply chain.   This is why we believe that fairness, helpfulness, and prompt and honest communications with our carriers is critical and mandatory, not only during the transaction, but throughout the life of the relationship.

Creating Win-Win Transactions

Some freight brokers have not been concerned with fairness to carriers, and instead, have equated value to the shipper as simply beating up carriers on price day after day.  TMI Sales does not work that way!   We know that building and retaining relationships with good, qualified, and safe carriers increases and strengthens the resources we have for our clients.  We also know that matching the right carrier with the right load in the right lane is the hallmark of true freight management.  This is the real value to the client, and the carrier, joined through the network of TMI Sales.

Doing the Little Things

Having worked with hundreds of carriers for many years, we always try to remember to do the little things right.  Arranging every detail for our clients includes managing and communicating each detail with the carrier’s success in mind too.  Setting appropriate delivery appointments, providing clear instructions, pre-qualifying the receiving location and staff – all of these things make the carrier more efficient and reduce the possibility of delays or layovers, which negatively impact the carrier’s revenue.

Negotiate Fairly and Pay Promptly

TMI Sales believes that honesty and fairness in finding competitive pricing is critical to our long term stability and success.  We could promise hundreds of loads in order to falsely obtain better pricing, but we don’t.  This might get us short term profits, but it will always backfire in the long run when our partners lose trust in how we do business.  Instead, we try to understand the needs and incentives for the carriers, and we try to find creative ways to see if we can structure the load demands of our clients to best fit the carrier’s operations.  We provide prompt payment of carrier invoices upon receipt of the POD to maintain the financial stability of the relationship.    We do this to build trust and good faith so that carriers will want to work with us and help us provide great service to our clients.   We treat our carriers with respect, and pay accordingly, so it’s no wonder that we always have the resources we need for our clients.

If you are a qualified carrier in the U.S. and/or Canada and like doing business in an honest, mutually beneficial partnership, give us a call or drop us an email.  Speak to one of our dispatch specialists and let’s see if we can find some opportunities to work together. | 877-285-1155

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