Emergency Shipments

When you are with TMI Sales you are never without options, and you are never alone. It’s always that shipment at the end of the day, at the end of the quarter, or at the end of your inventory cycle that makes all the difference.  We understand the importance of the words “it’s shipped”,  the confidence behind the words “it’s on the way”, and knowing that every detail associated with ensuring the delivery of your goods has been organized.   Our attention to the details of your shipments allows you to focus on the other areas of your job, knowing that your critical freight is in the hands of professionals.

While we are committed to helping our clients proactively plan and schedule to improve their costs, we also know that emergencies happen.  In these cases our commitment to our client is to never leave them without a solution – to do whatever it takes to find an option that will meet their needs.  These are the times when our expertise, our creativity, our network, and our capabilities are the most challenged.  And that’s when you will see how strongly we are committed.

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