Manage Meteoric Growth

9th May 2011

TMI Sales has shipped over 250,000  single-cup coffee makers to retailers all over the U.S. and Canada.  We started working with the company that pioneered this product over 5 years ago, managing only a few small shipments per week.   We now oversee shipment volumes ranging from 50 to 75 per week, managing every aspect from arranging pick-up times, to managing the carrier’s performance and transits, and making all necessary delivery arrangements.   Activity and shipment status reports are provided daily which gives the client a snapshot on the progress of their orders, and allows their accounting team to accrue freight charges accurately.    When we asked the client, what is the number one reason they work with us, they simply said, “because you do a great job, and I know if you have it then I don’t have to worry about anything”.

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