• A Week in Logistics: I-10 Reopens, Pearl Seas Begin Cruises to Cuba

  • Cultural Voyages to Cuba Starting Spring 2016

    Pearl Sea Cruises are preparing to offer ‘cultural voyages’ to Cuba as early as Spring of 2016. Aboard the Pearl Mist, up to 210 people can experience several cities in Cuba including Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba over the course of a 7-10 cruise. After decades of banned travel and trade relations, the Obama administration has officially lifted the Cuban embargo but the dream of visiting Cuba has not become a reality quite yet; Pearl Sea Cruises is still awaiting final approval from Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury, the Department of Commerce and the Cuban government. Read more…

    Interstate 10 Partially Reopened after Floods

    The Interstate 10, a major connector between Los Angeles and Phoenix, has partially reopened after extensive damage caused by flooding. While this is good news for travelers and logistics employees, drivers are still experiencing traffic and congestion due to only having one lane available on each side of the road. Highway officials are anticipating the pass will fully reopen sometime in Fall 2015 – until them, plan accordingly. Read more…

    USPS Teams up with Amazon for Ultimate Consumer Experience

    As Amazon announces even more offerings for its consumers, the U.S. Post Office hops on board and strives to assist in meeting the demand. As Amazon begins offering same-day delivery, grocery services and 7-day shipping, the post office restructures it’s own policies to progress. Two years ago, the USPS announced it would deliver for Amazon 7 days a week, and now were seeing more postal workers delivering and unusual hours and with items that were never before seen in a mail carrier bag – such as fresh groceries. Read More…

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