• A Week in Logistics: MIT Offers SCM Degree, Alaska May Help with CA Drought

  • California’s Drought May be Quenched with Alaskan Lake Water

    Alaskan Bulk Water, a water company based out of Alaska is pitching an interesting idea to help with California’s drought – ship 9 billion gallons of water from Blue Lake to Los Angeles.  The company has proposed shipping the water via tanker ship to the Port of Long Beach to help Californian’s cope with the fourth year of severe drought. The plan sounds crazy enough to work, but wouldn’t be without challenges such as infrastructure and storage needing to planned and built. But before we get too excited, Alaskan Bulk Water still needs a partner in the deal, so for now, it’s just a pipe dream. Read more… 

    MIT Offers Supply Chain “Micro-Masters” Degree

    It’s no secret that the supply chain industry is struggling with an immense talent gap, with as many as 43% of industry professionals recognizing the difficulty in attracting new talent.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently introduced a ‘micro-masters’ program in supply chain management for students (or current supply chain managers) looking to seek a higher education and credentials. Still in a experimental stage, MIT offers free (yes, FREE) online courses in supply chain management after 5 classes plus an exam, students will receive an official certificate. This degree is good for supply chain professionals looking to excel in their field and also helps managers seeking talent with higher qualifications. Read more… 

    FedEx Pledges $1M in Humanitarian Aid to Refugees & Migrants

    FedEx has announced that it will be donating $1 million in cash and transportation support to migrant and refugees escaping conflict. FedEx plans to give $1 million cash to the Red Cross in an effort to support refugees entering European countries such as Italy, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, and Hungary.  In addition to the cash donation, FedEx will also provide transportation for medical supplies to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey as well as hygiene kits to camps in Greece.  In an effort to help refugee children adapt to their knew environments, FedEx will also be participating in a program called “Bags to The Future”, which provides children with bags including toys and other comforting items. Read more… 

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