• A Week in Logistics: ‘Uber’-Like App For Trucking, OPI Nail Polish Moves Plant to NC

  • ‘Uber’-Like Trucking App to Change the Industry

    The American trucking industry is integral to our society and responsible for the moving of over 10 billion tons of product per year. For such a vital industry, at times, trucking can be antiquated by technology experts are working to change that by creating an ‘Uber’-like app connecting truckers to shippers through smartphones. Two of the well-known apps, Cargomatic and Convoy, are expected to completely change the trucking industry and the way shipping works.  The app’s algorithms are designed to connect shippers with truckers with competitive pricing all based on weight, size, distance, and other variables. Cargomatic has rolled the app out in major metro areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York and has raised over $8 million with the intent of expanding. Read more…

    OPI Nail Polish Moving Manufacturing Plant from Los Angeles to North Carolina

    OPI Nail Polish has recently announced that it will be moving its North Hollywood manufacturing plant to Sanford, North Carolina. As of 2010, the company had around 450 employees and was unsure of how many employees would be affected by the move. OPI’s commercial operations will remain in the area and the move is expected to take place throughout 2016. Governor Pat McCrory has stated that the company will be investing close to $19 million on the new manufacturing site in Lee County. OPI’s parent company, Coty, will be making the investment and plans to add 25 new employees to the team of 750 already workin in North Carolina. Coty has had a strong presence in North Carolina for over 25 years and local officials look forward to further investments in the area. Read more… 

    Love’s Travel Stop in Oregon to Open after Lengthy Legal Battle

    A Love’s Travel Stop in Pendleton, Oregon is due to open in spring of 2016 after 6 years of legal battles. A Love’s spokesperson states they stuck with the location because they believed it was a great location for a Love’s. The new site was on hold due to land permits and litigation from Devan Oil. Devan Oil declined to comment, but was taking action against Love’s due to perceived “aggressive marketing tactics”. The case advanced its way to the Oregon Supreme Court, where it was denied a hearing. The new travel center will cost an estimated $10 million and hire 50 employees. Read more… 

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