• A Week in Logistics: XPO Logistics Acquires Con-Way, Sniper along I-10 & Google Express

  • Google Express Enters the Grocery Delivery Industry

    In an $11 billion dollar industry with rivals like AmazonFresh and Instacart, Google Express has officially entered the grocery delivery game. Google Express with be partnering with high-end grocers such as Whole Foods to provide consumers with same day delivery on groceries. Google Express plans to roll out the delivery service in two cities, one of which will be San Francisco. Experts predict a spike in e-commerce businesses due to the low cost of operations and anticipated growth rate of 9.6% in the food delivery sector alone. Read more… 

    Arizona Domestic Terrorist Targets Truckers

    A serial sniper has been terrorizing citizens of Phoenix over the past few days officials believe the sniper set his sights on two truckers passing through the area along I-10. Both truckers reportedly discovered bullet holes in their trucks while at truck stops but thankfully, were not in the vehicles during the shooting. The police has reported there to have been 11 confirmed shootings and at this point, no one has been fatally injured. Police has officially declared the incidents as domestic terrorism and warn motorists passing through Phoenix to beware. Read more… 

    Con-way to be acquired by XPO Logistics in $3 Billion Deal

    XPO Logistics has announced its plan to acquire Con-way for a cool $3 billion dollars, including debt. The acquisition will make XPO the 2nd largest less-than-truckload provider in the United States. The deal is expected to boost XPO’s revenues to around $15 billion, a more than six-fold increase from the 2014 numbers. XPO has made several acquisitions since 2011 and plans to continue acquiring until reaching $23 billion in revenues by 2019. Read more… 

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