• Benefits Of Working From Home

    work from home

    More and more companies are switching to the Work From Home or Telecommuting Model. Since 2004, TMI Sales has been supporting this model and due to the different time zones that our employees work from, we have been able to expand our reach and help clients all over the globe. This culture has contributed to higher employee morale due to the level of empowerment that the employee is given. Working from home also fine-tuned everyone’s communication skills because everything has to be on point and delegated accordingly.

    Other Benefits Include:

    – Better communication amongst team members
    – Departmental Web meetings are more focused, productive and results-driven
    – Employees working from home tend to work longer hours, take less breaks and use less sick time 
    – Having employees positioned in different time zones allows us to better communicate with clients across the globe.
    – There are less distractions in a controlled environment leading to higher productivity of employees.

    Some of the perks that employees enjoy are:

    – Savings on Fuel/Transportation Costs from the daily commute in addition to reduced wear and tear on their vehicles
    – Savings on Clothing Allowance and Savings from Eating at Restaurants
    – Schedule Flexibility especially for parents that have to take care of their children. Flexibility to take children to and from school, attend special    events, coach sporting events
    – Working from home promotes a healthier life style: eating healthier, implementation of exercise in daily routine, and less stressful
    – More Work/Life Balance, no commuting means more time spent with family which leads to happier and more productive employees

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