• Goodbye Uncertainty
  • Written By: Jim Monahan, Senior Freight Coordinator

    At TMI Sales, our vision is to eliminate uncertainty, while setting the standard for service and accountability in freight management. Since our inception 10 years ago, TMI Sales has emerged as an industry leader; we strive to continuously provide excellent service, timeliness and transparency to all of our valued clients.

    It all starts with our staff – our Operations Team has a combined experience profile of over 100 years in the industry. Add our state of the art Transportation Management System (TMS) and you have a winning team dedicated to the on-time pickup and delivery of your shipment. But it does not stop there. At TMI Sales, we take a proactive approach to all that we do. From partnering with some of the top carriers in the nation to proactive tracking and tracing, we identify issues before they become problems. We constantly search out and negotiate the best possible pricing for each and every shipment. At night while you are sleeping, we are receiving hourly updates as to status and location of your shipment. We stay up at night so you do not have to.

    Leveraging TMI Sales’ services affords companies the luxury of achieving best practices in transportation management, without the day-to-day requirement of managing the entire process in-house.

    Data. We provide historical and real-time reporting to help you understand your shipping expenditures, identify opportunities and assist your accountants.

    Analysis. As your Freight Management Partner, it is our job to be vigilant about how to help your business – be it through consolidation, lane management, investigating rail, pre-ordering seasonal capacity, or a whole host of other options.

    Knowledge. As your business grows and changes, so do your shipping needs. TMI Sales is with you as a partner to provide expertise and assistance every time a new situation arises.

    We at TMI Sales not only set the standard for service and accountability in the freight management industry – we say Goodbye to Uncertainty.

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