• Are you ready for some Football?
  • It’s not too often that a nationally televised professional football game is cancelled. And winning is everything…right? One of our clients scheduled a promotion to hand out 86,000 flags to their fans on game day. Approximately 2 weeks prior to the game our client placed an order, manufactured in China, with a production lead time of 8 to 10 days. TMI’s response was, “Sign us up!”. While everyone was biting their nails we were setting our people in Shanghai, New York, and many other places in between to ensure the shipment paperwork was perfect and every expedited option was being utilized. TMI picked up the cargo, 343 cartons 4221 kgs, on Sunday and 4 days later, the flags were delivered clear to our client’s stadium. We ended up delivering the Hail Mary 1 day early scoring a touchdown followed-up with a flawless 2-point conversion!

  • Precise Coordination
  • TMI Sales works with a client that sells very large, and very complex, custom-built machines called Thermal Oxidizers.  Every one has to be built at a unique location every time, since they must be built where they are being installed, being much too large to move assembled.

    TMI Sales manages the shipping of all the parts from their various vendors across the U.S. to the jobsite where the build takes place.  Very often the shipments require specialized equipment, flatbeds, escorts and permits.    All of these jobs and job sites have very specific deadlines and required delivery times because the installation staff is only onsite for a short period of time and the parts need to arrive in the proper order that they need for assembly.  TMI Sales has shipped the parts for the assembly of over 100 units all across the U.S.A.

  • Many Pallets, Many Locations, Very Little Time
  • A client recently called us because they were “in a bind and they knew TMI Sales could make it happen”.  Specifically, they had 27 pallets to ship to 26 Wal-Mart locations all across the U.S., and although it was Thursday, they needed quotes ASAP and promises that the loads could be picked up the following day, Friday.  Furthermore every pallet had to be delivered in only three business days without any exorbitant rush or air freight fees.

    The TMI Sales team sprang  into action and got all of the shipments organized and quoted in a matter of hours.  Then, using a combination of zone skipping and consolidation techniques, and utilizing the weekend for travel to key distribution points, 100% of the pallets were delivered on time or ahead of schedule.  It was a perfect example of combining an extensive network of qualified carriers in all areas of the U.S., with the years of experience and the expertise to create and manage an unplanned consolidation and distribution operation on the fly.

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