• A Week in Logistics: $10M Port of LA Settlement, Black Friday Trends

  • New Livestock Shipping Vessel to Lower Logistics Costs

    Logistics teams in Jakarta have recently unveiled a new shipping vessel to assist in moving livestock from Australia to Jakarta for significantly lower costs. According to experts, livestock can be purchased from Australia at a lower cost than in Jakarta, but the shipping fees are very high. To cope with this, five specialized shipping vessels will be available in 2017, with the total government allocation close to $13.2 US dollars. With five already completed, the government has stated they wish to build at least 5 more. In addition to the livestock ships, the government aims to produce around 200 ships to assist in transportation, with 56 already having been completed this year. Logistics costs account for close to 25% of Indonesia’s GDP. Read more…

    Port of Los Angeles to Pay $10M in Pollution Settlement

    It all started over 11 years ago with a phone call from a neighbor that the Port of LA was emitting a concerning level of pollution and requesting involvement from the NRDC. After an investigation, it was discovered that California environmental laws had been violated by a Port of LA project called China Shipping. It’s been years since the lawsuit was settled and much progress has been made to reduce environmental impact.  The lawsuit required the port to spend $50 million dollars over the course of 5 years to assist in mitigating air quality and other impacts on the neighborhoods close to the Port. Apparently, $10 million of the original $50 million still has not been spent, prompting original parties of the lawsuit to become involved again. The Port has announced they will be using the funds for conservation efforts, with large portions of the remaining $10 million going to the Harbor Community Benefit Foundation and South Coast Air Quality Management District. Read more…

    Black Friday Hype Slowing Down

    After years of crazed, Black Friday shopping, current retail trends may be finally put an end to the historic shopping day. Online sales are on the rise and fewer people are seeing the appeal of Black Friday when the same deals are available online. Around half of all consumers have said they are less reliant on Black Friday deals this year due to e-commerce options. For others, it’s moral issue; some shoppers are empathetic to the retail workers who are forced to sacrifice the holidays with their families to work Black Friday. Some people just simply do not want to deal with the crowds and insanity that comes with camping out, waiting and eventually fighting over the last iPad in a crowded Wal-Mart. Major retailers are jumping on board with the growing backlash against Black Friday, which some stores such as H&M, REI and Staple’s closing for the day. Read more…

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