• A Week in Logistics: BNSF’s SoCal Facility in Question, Ben & Jerry’s Celebrates Non-GMO Supply Chain

  • BNSF’s Southern California Intermodal Transfer Facility in Question

    BNSF’s proposal to construct a 153-acre intermodal transfer facility near the Southern California coast is now hanging in the balance while environmentalists and policy makers debate the next steps. BNSF plans to build a transfer center of their own adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad’s Intermodal Container Transfer Facility, which would assist in transferring cargo between trains and vessels. Experts from the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles anticipate considerable growth and reduced expenses in the supply chain should the proposal pass. Opponents to the proposal cite environmental impact and emissions as main concerns for the project. Read more…

    Ben & Jerry’s Educates on Non-GMO Products in Supply Chain

    As a company known for using ethically-sourced ingredients, Ben & Jerry’s officially announced that 100% of the plant-based ingredients in their ice creams, yogurts and sorbets are non-GMO.  Implementing a GMO-free supply chain is no easy feat; everything from the original manufacturer to the transfer cars need to be highly specialized and free of GMOs.  To understand just how high-;eve thisn can be, if Ben & Jerry’s uses a product that has corn syrup in it, they need to make sure the actual corn used in that syrup is non-GMO. The cows that produce the milk for ice cream also need to eat non-GMO foods. After decades of working to ensure a non-GMO supply chain, Ben & Jerry’s are proud to have finally met their goal and commit to continuous improvement for a sustainable supply chain. Read more…

    Record-Breaking Consumer Spending on 2015 Cyber Monday

    For the 6th consecutive year, Cyber Monday sales have increased, this year by 21% (via tablet or laptop) and 53% by mobile devices. All in, the shopping holiday accounts for around $3 billion dollars in consumer spending at top retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls and Amazon. Experts are predicting that online sales will increase by 14% to $70 billion during November and December and that online shopping makes up 10% of the overall sales. Overall sales, including online and in-store, are expected to increase by 3.7% to $630 billion during November and December. Read more…




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