• A Week in Logistics: 2015 Top Concerns for Trucking, Apple Goes Green in China

  • 2015 Top Concerns for Trucking Includes Hours of Service, Driver Shortage & More

    The American Transportation Research Institute released its annual Top Concerns for Trucking report with the number 1 concern being trucker’s hours. For three years in a row, the ATRI has believed the hours of truck drivers to be the top industry concern due to loss of productivity and safety hazards. Following close behind are issues such as Compliance Safety Accountability and the driver shortage, which the ATRI estimates will be close to 175,000 drivers short by 2024. The list also includes driver retention, truck parking, Electronic Logging Device Mandate, driver health/wellness, the economy, transportation infrastructure, and driver distractions. Many of these issues have appeared on previous concern lists, which has industry experts concerned about identifying successful solutions. Read more…

    House Bill Targets Highway Infrastructure Reform

    The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has just announce a bill that utilize $325 billion over 6 years on highway infrastructure improvements and safety initiatives. The bill includes $261 billion just to be spent on highways with a focus on improving roads, bridges and the entire transportation infrastructure.  The bill was submitted for review this week, which is the final step before it reaches the House. Read more…

    Apple Implements Green Initiatives in China

    Apple is working to go green in China by implementing environmentally friendly initiatives in their supply chain. The first step in the project is installing 200 megawatts of solar projects that will create energy to offset Apple’s supply chain energy. The second step is working with manufacturing suppliers to become more energy efficient. Between the two projects, an estimated 20 million tons of greenhouse gases will be prevented from entering our atmosphere between now and 2020. Most of Apple’s production takes place in China where energy is often derived from coal, which has a negative effect on our atmosphere and ultimately leads to climate change. Apple is hope these green initiatives will make a change for the country and lead the way to greener business by example. Read more…

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