• A Week in Logistics: Travel the World on a Cargo Ship, Fast Food Supply Chain Reboot

  • Wal-Mart Tests Drones for Deliveries

    Wal-Mart has requested an official exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration to use drones in deliveries. The company has tested drones inside the facility and is now requesting permission to test outdoors to assist in deliveries and pick-ups. Currently, Amazon is a leader in using drone technology to assist in their logistics process and to stay competitive, other major retailers are getting on board. The ultimate plan for Wal-Mart’s program is to use drones to deliver products from the store into the parking lot as a designated pick up area for customers. Read more…

    Fast Food Begins Massive Overhaul of Supply Chain

    While fast food has historically been known for low quality ingredients and poor taste, the industry is approaching a major overhaul in an attempt to bring back clients who left long ago in favor of better food. But before they can make any serious changes, they’ll have to wait their turn as most niche suppliers already have relations with smaller restaurants and are overwhelmed with demand. One of the largest fast food conglomerates in the world, McDonald’s, whose sales have steadily been dropping the past couple years, are taking some of the first steps to improve their supply chain and win back customers. These changes include souring farms that raise pigs outside of gestation crates, cage-free eggs and anti-biotic free chick meat. Even brands like Chick-Fil-A are moving towards more ethically sourced food and the coveted “clean labels”. Read more… 

    Travelers Opting for Cargo Ships over Cruise Ships

    Travelers now have the option to sail the seven seas via cargo ship as opposed to a traditional cruise ship. For around $110 per day, passengers can sail to place that even include Tahiti and still take advantage of amenities such as a pool, video room, sports activities, and a library. The daily price includes food and an in suite restroom. Travelers are siting cargo ships as the new preferred method of travel due to cheaper fares, the option to customize your trip and fewer tourists. Read more… 

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