• A Week in Logistics: 2016 Air Freight Outlook, Campbell Soup Calls for GMO Labeling

  • Federal Reserve Economists Doubt a Recession is Ahead

    While economists are warning Americans to prepare for an upcoming recession, Transportation and Logistics experts doubt that we are actually heading towards a downturn. Truck and rail shipments are down and oil prices continue to drop but logistics professional Tim Clay predicts that the industry will only see low or negative growth during the first or second quarter of 2016. Federal Reserve economist, James Bullard, believes Americans are safe from the threat of a recession until at least summer 2016. Economists forecasted as high as 3% GDP growth for 2016 but due to slow in logistics and manufacturing output, that number may be closer to 1 or 1.5. The threat of an impending recession has several industry experts concerned but our forecasted GDP growth could lead to massive job creation. Read more…

    Campbell Soup Calls for Genetically Modified Food Labeling

    After years of staunch oppositions, Campbell Soup has officially switched sides on the GMO-labelling debate and now supports federal legislature calling for the labeling of genetically modified foods. Campbell will officially revoke its membership to organizations and groups that continue to fight the legislature. Campbell’s spokesperson has cited the reasoning behind the switch to be consumer opinion. After years of receiving requests from their customers to support the legislature, Campbell Soup has started listening. Campbell Soup believes it is important to standardize labelling requirements in order to properly educate consumers on products they are buying. The have also announced that if the legislature is not passed in a timely manner, they are prepared to implement new labeling procedures within their organization, which would include stating the presence of GMOs or non-GMOs. Read More…

    2016 Outlook for Air Freight

    Experts are predicting a stagnant year for air freight, as 2015 started off bright but slowly declined during the last 9 months. Air freight has steadily decreased as a preferred shipping method over the year but the sector can hope for a small bump in revenue due to the Asian air market, which is expected to grow 6% in 2015.  Air freight also sees a rise in business when the ports are tied up in strikes or heavily congested but as of now, neither of those factors seem to be on the horizon. While Asian markets control around 30% of all aviation, unless other shipping methods are impacted, it should be a slow year for overall air freight. Read more…

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