• A Week in Logistics: Truck Fatalities Down 40%, Zara Unveils New Supply Chain Technology

  • Michigan Gas Prices At An All-Time Low of $0.47

    For the first time in over a decade, gas prices dip lower than a dollar to $.047/gallon in Houghton Lake, Michigan. Declining oil prices have reaped dropping gas prices for several months now, but the current pricing in Houghton Lake can be attributed to an aggressive price war. Three major gas stations, all independently owned, have been battling to boats the cheapest gas I the city. One of the station’s owner’s has discussed an outright policy allowing the station to undercut the competition. Customers have waited as long as an hour to fill their tanks, taking advantage of the extreme drop in prices. Only $0.09 about the federal and state excise taxes on a gallon of gas in the state, prices definitely won’t stay this low forever, as some of the competing stations have already increased their prices to around $1.28/gallon. Read more…

    Truck Fatalities Down 40% Over The Past 10 Years

    A study completed by the Department of Transportation shows that fatalities involving trucks are down by 40%, as spanned over the past 10 years. After investing billions into improving safety, the trucking industry is seeing the ROI. The study also revealed that trucks are responsible for causing less than a third of all accidents and just over the past year, there has been a 61% decrease in truck-related fatalities. The overall fatality rate has dropped by almost 5% since 2013 and shows that implemented safety initiatives are working in the short-term, leading experts to predict positive long-term results. Read more…

    Major Retailer Zara Improves Supply Chain With Restocking Technology

    One of the biggest challenges of major clothing retailers is inventory tracking and management. In a massive store with thousands of clothing articles in all colors and sizes, it is difficult to track everything since merely placing something on the wrong rack can hide it for days. To solve this issue, Zara has officially unveiled new technology to help track and sort inventory more efficiently. The Radio Frequency Identification Technology will allow Zara to track every article of clothing from creation to the sale. The RFID allows the retailer to track down any item in the store t any time and also allows for faster replenishment of inventory. Read more…


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