• A Week in Logistics: Atlanta Manufacturer to pay $100k in OSHA Fines, Cargo Theft in the Midwest

  • South Korean Manufacturing Rebounding as American Manufacturing Slides

    It seems as though all news sources seem to be reporting on a dip in American manufacturing, but South Korean industrial output is on the rebound. November numbers didn’t set high expectations after a 2.1% contraction. Following the worst month since January 2015, output reached a 1.3% increase beating forecasts and realizing a gain of 0.3%. The numbers prove that demand remains weak but with China as South Korea’s biggest trading partner, there is market activity. Bank of Korea has revised the manufacturing output index from 70 to 67, showing a dip in manufacturing business for the country. Read more…

    Atlanta Food Processor to Pay $100k in OSHA Fines

    A subsidiary of the Schwan Food Company has accepted responsibility for various OSHA violations, with penalty fines amounting to $100,000. The facility, which is located in Atlanta, primarily manufactures well-known pizza and dessert items, such as Red Baron, Freshetta, Tony’s, and Mrs. Smith’s Desserts. The company has also agreed to fund major enhancements to the facility that will create a safer work environment. OSHA issued repeated citations for not ensuring machinery was properly guarded, not having a safety procedure for ammonia refrigeration systems, and not ensuring proper procedures regarding machine startup during maintenance. The company was cited for similar violations in 2013. Read more…

    Cargo Theft Results in Over 40,000 lbs of Stolen Cheese

    Cargo theft is a rampant problem within the trucking industry but cheese companies in the Midwest seem to be facing an issue with cheese theft. Last week, over 40,000 lbs of Minnesota-made Parmesan valued at $90,000 was stolen from and a week later, $70,000 worth of cheddar cheese was lifted from Germantown. Fortunately, some of the Germantown cheese was recovered but police weren’t not able to identify the thief.  Surprisingly, the cheese was stolen due to false identity – meaning a driver pulled up to the dock, loaded the cheese, and as it turns out, was not affiliated with a known carrier. Read more…

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