• A Week in Logistics: Blackberry Reveals Asset Tracking System, Postmates Rival Amazon for Same-day Delivery

  • Blackberry Reveals Asset Tracking System for Trucking

    Communications leader, Blackberry, has released an asset tracking system called Blackberry Radar with the goal of assisting shippers in tracking highly mobile assets from start to finish. The system is designed to allow users to track assets using a self-powered tracking device on a cloud-based platform, offering visibility into the entire shipping process. Blackberry Radar aims to reduce cargo theft and improve transit times for the trucking industry. Blackberry Radar also comes with a secure, encrypted online portal allowing users insight into the shipment as well as reports, visualizations, real-time alerts, and also monitors temperature, humidity, GPS location and if the trailer door is open. The new system takes little time to install and is designed to work with shipping staff across the board, from managers to dispatchers. Currently, BlackBerry Radar is being tested in beta mode in select parts of the industry but is scheduled for release in summer 2016. Read more…

    Postmates Delivery Service Creates Competition for Amazon

    Amazon may have some competition in Postmates, a startup delivery service that started in delivering takeout food to consumers. Postmates has recently unveiled a program called Postmates Plus Unlimited, a service that offers free same-day delivery on orders over $30 for a fee of $9.99 per month. The program rivals Amazon Prime, which offers a similar service for $99. Postmates originally generated revenues based on steep delivery fees until recently changing it business model to drop the fee when the restaurant order came from a partner. Postmates aims to expand into a merchant partner program and expand its partner list, while obtaining revenues through new sources such as the Postmates Plus Program. Due to the growth and profitability in 15 of its 40 markets, Postmates plans to expand the business in a way that benefits them and their customers.  Read more…

    U.S. Manufacturing has doubled in 3 Decades

    Despite all of the gloom and doom talk about American Manufacturing, the facts do not lie – U.S. manufacturing has doubled over the last three decades and shows no signs of stopping. Most people think that Americans are losing manufacturing jobs to Vietnam, China, and Mexico and while there is some truth to that, there are some surprising statistics that prove American Manufacturing is alive and well. Since 2000, nearly 5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the United States but with that being said, here are some of the signs of growth and stability in our manufacturing sector. Manufacturing is America’s largest industry, totaling nearly 6.2 trillion in output. Currently, output is at a record high with a strong dollar boosting demand. Finally, refined oil is our country’s top manufactured good which accounts for over $700 billion dollars to our bottom line. Learn more about the state of our manufacturing sector. Read more…

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