• A Week in Logistics: China to Build Trans-Continental Railroad, New FDA Regulations

  • China Working to Build Trans-Continental Railroad to Europe

    China has announced plans to construct a transcontinental railroad spanning from China to Europe in an attempt to capture more freight opportunities between the two continents. Currently, the majority of freight is conducted via sea and air, and building a massive railroad system connecting two booming economies would significantly impact trade and transport in the Far East. As of now, an existing railroad with the ability to move freight from China to Europe passes through Russia, taking an estimated 16 days and covering 8,077 miles during the trip. The proposed railroad would take a southern route through Turkey and Iran, and would span 6,213 miles and take around 12 days. With the means and economic clout, China estimates a 5-10 time span to get the railroad up and running. The proposed railroad system would theoretically boost China’s economic integration with Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East while also strengthening t and diversifying the transportation offered in the country. Read more…

    FDA Finalizes New Regulations on Food Transport

    The Food and Drug Administration has officially finalized a new food safety regulation regarding the transport of human or animal food called the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The Food Safety Modernization Act will now require handlers of human or animal food, through all stages of the supply chain, to follow standardized best practices to reduce the risk of contamination. The new rule requires food handlers to properly refrigerate food during transport and also to thoroughly clean the containers in between loads. For manufacturers who are not currently up to date, the FDA has set a deadline of 1 year for larger businesses and two for smaller businesses. This rule is the 6th out of 7 new regulations implemented by the FDA to create a safer food supply chain. The final rule focuses on mitigation strategies to protect food against intentional adulteration and is expected to be rolled out later in 2016.  Read more… 

    Amazon Leases Planes for Air Freight Division and Brings Hope to the Industry

    It was announced in March that Amazon would be leasing 20 Boeing 767 planes to test their own air freight division.  Since this move, industry officials are predicting a more positive outlook for the consistently declining sector of transportation. Global air freight has been struggling for several years, with an average growth rate on only about 1.7% per year. Industry experts are hopeful that Amazon’s air freight division will give the industry the push it needs towards growth, but Amazon remains tight-lipped on any further expansion plans for air transport. Read more… 

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