• A Week in Logistics: McDonald’s ends Relationship with Unethical Supplier, Food Fraud & Stock Market Dips

  • Increase in Food Fraud among Manufacturers

    Industry are experts are reporting a rise in food fraud on a global scale, including everything from food coloring to fish to spices; basically, anything type of food that holds some value. In June, officials seized over 100,000 tons of smuggled, expired and frozen meat, some of which was decades old, from a company in China attempting to sell the product to consumers. In addition to this discovery, officials have reported that manufacturers in China are also producing counterfeit rice which is mostly made of plastic. While this is shocking, it is not new to the supply chain world and several countries have taken a stand to try and combat the issue. In England, manufacturers are not allowed to dilute wine with water or add secondary ingredients to spices, such as ash, to cut the product. In an age where many precautions exist to protect us from food-borne illnesses, it’s hard to believe food fraud is an issue. Read more…

    Stock Declines Impacts Logistics & Transportation

    As the global stock market took a dip on Monday, several transportation and logistics companies are already feeling the impact. Experts are Wall Street on stating the recent crash in China’s economy to be the cause of the significant drop in stock value this past week. From the Logistics side, FedEx has already experienced a 9% drop in shares but luckily saw a 4.9% recovery very soon after. UPS was also down by 3.7% while DHL was down 4%. Foreign economies have a massive effect on global transportation and even the slightest change can impact the industry for months. Read more…

    McDonald’s Fires Supplier over Animal Abuse

    McDonald’s and Tyson Foods have formally announced a decision to end their relationship with chicken supplier, T&S Farms, based out of Dukedom, TN after allegations of extreme animal abuse.  A video has surfaced that depicts farm workers stabbing animals and also brutally breaking their necks prior to preparing them for sale. McDonald’s has stated that they will no longer purchase from a supplier that condones animal abuse and will seek product from an ethical source.  This is the not the first time McDonald’s has been entrenched in allegations of supporting animal abuse, but as a global company with tremendous power, it is positive to see the company stand by their ethical values. Read more…


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