• A Week in Logistics: Q2 Rise in Cargo Theft, Tianjin Explosion & Future of Women-Owned Businesses

  • Cargo Theft on the Rise in Q2

    According to a report completed by CargoNet, cargo theft is on the rise with an estimated $19.5 million stolen in Q2 – a 8% increase (or $8 million dollars) from this time last year.  California, Texas and Florida were the top 3 states to experience the most cargo theft, which the theft most commonly taking place at truck stops and parking lots. Only around 9% were due to fraudulent pickups. The report shows that the most stolen commodity was food and beverage, followed closely by household items and electronics. Read more…

    Best Industries for Female Entrepreneurs

    American Express Releases its ‘2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses’ report, and the results paint a bright future for female entrepreneurs in America. Currently, there are over 9.4 million women-owned businesses in America and these companies employ over 7.9 million people and contribute around $1.5 trillion to our GDP. The report estimates that 38% of all enterprises and women owned and that around 1,200 women start a business every day in the U.S. Based on increase percentage, employment volume and number of firms, the top 8 industries for woman-owned businesses included Transportation & Warehousing, Education, Healthcare and more. Read more…

    Tianjin Explosion Affects U.S. Manufacturers

    Some U.S. manufacturers have been affected by the massive explosion in Tianjin, China, which occurred last Wednesday due to reasons still being investigated. John Deere temporarily suspended production and has commented that several of their employees have been seriously injured. The automobile industry will take a hit as investigators uncover a storage site holding around 8,200 vehicles that were damaged in the explosion. These vehicles included Volkswagon and Kia. Toyota and Wal-Mart have stated that they are not currently feeling effects of the explosion. Experts are still investigating the cause and attempting to delve into the effects the chemicals may have on people in the surrounding areas. Read more…

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